Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Total Internal Reflection(Justin, Bing Han)

Total Internal Reflection in real life

One way to observe it is while swimming, if one opens their eyes just under the water's surface when the water is calm, the water surface will appear mirror-like.

In addition, it is observed when we critically cut diamond. This is what gives it maximum sparkle.

Another use of total internal reflection would be the transmission of light through optical fibers in fiber optics. The laser beam in the optical fiber has angle of incidence well above the critical angle, and is reflected continuously. A small-diameter glass core is surrounded by a layer of glass cladding, so light undergoes Total Internal Reflection as it is confined within the core. It is used in endoscopes and telecommunications.

Fourth way would be in fingerprinting devices, which uses total internal reflection in order to record an image of a person's fingerprint without the use of ink.

A final way would be on a prismatic binoculars which uses the principle of total internal reflections to get a very clear image.

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