Friday, January 7, 2011

Group 2-Cnidaria(Animalia)

The Cnidaria as a group of animals are well known to many people under their common names, Sea Anemones, Corals and Jellyfish are all Cnidarians. They are linked together by their carnivorous feeding habits their simple anatomical design and the possession of nematocysts, though one species of Ctenophora possesses nematocysts as well.

Characteristics of Cnidaria(Animalia)
1) Radially Symmetrical.
2)Body multicellular, few tissues, some organelles.
3)Body contains an internal cavity and a mouth.
4)Two different forms exist, medusa and polyp
5)Reproduction is asexual or sexual.
6)Has a simple net like nervous system.
7)Has a distinct larval stage which is planktonic.
8)Lives in aquatic environments, mostly marine.
9)Mostly carnivorous otherwise filter feeders.
10)May have a minimal skeleton of chiton or calcium carbonate.


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  1. Cnidaria
    1. They have specialised cells called cindocytes that they use mainly to capture prey.
    2. They prey on organisms as small as planktons and as big as several times larger than themselves.
    3. They have a simple nervous system.